Economy rebuild measures announced

2020-07-09T08:25:53+01:00By |

The government today announced what they refer to as their next step in rebuilding the economy. Their focus is very much around preventing unemployment whilst gradually stopping the furlough scheme, boosting the hospitality sector and kick starting the housing market. The measures announced are: Furlough bonus £1,000 bonus for keeping furloughed staff until January 2021 [...]

Coronavirus business support – FAQ

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With Covid-19 (Coronavirus) having a massive impact on businesses across the UK, it’s understandable that our Limited Company contractors are keen to understand the business support measures that have been announced by the Government. We’ve created a guide to all of the measures that can be read here, and below you can read the answers to [...]

Can I furlough myself as a Limited Company Contractor?

2020-04-30T15:37:04+01:00By |

Under the Government’s Coronavirus business support measures announced this week, it has been indicated that some Limited Company contractors may be covered by the ‘Job retention scheme’ and therefore can furlough themselves if unable to work due to Covid-19. There is a distinction in law between a director with a service contract and a director [...]

Coronavirus business support measures explained

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This guide covers all of the business support measures announced by Rishi Sunak in March and is being updated as and when new initiatives are launched or changes are made to existing ones. Please bookmark this page to keep up to date. Last updated 17th June 2020: Changes to the Job Retention Scheme Additions to [...]

Sunak delivers Budget to meet ‘challenging times’

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Sunak delivers Budget to meet ‘challenging times’ Chancellor Rishi Sunak delivered his first Budget, and the first since the UK’s departure from the European Union, against the backdrop of the coronavirus outbreak. The Chancellor announced a £30 billion stimulus package to support the economy through coronavirus contagion and pledged to give the NHS whatever extra [...]