How to challenge a client’s IR35 determination

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In 2017 when changes to the Intermediaries Legislation (IR35) were rolled out in the public sector, meaning end-clients were responsible for determining the IR35 status of limited company contractors, some employers took the decision to place all contractors inside IR35. While others refused to work with contractors entirely. This resulted in chaos - projects were [...]

Should I refuse IR35 contracts?

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It’s estimated that thousands of independent contractors will be affected by the private sector IR35 changes. Even though concerns have been raised by organisations who represent contractors, freelancers and consultants, the changes are on track to come into effect in April. Our ‘IR35 survival guide’ discusses these changes in-depth, and covers your options going forward. [...]

Your options when working inside IR35

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With April quickly approaching and the proposed IR35 changes to private sector contracts set to come into force, we’re continuing to delve deeper into IR35 and the potential implications it will have on contractors. Our ‘IR35 Survival Guide’ addresses lots of points, but we thought we’d cover what your options are if your contract is [...]

Social media and your IR35 status

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IR35 status is a major concern for most contractors, as depending on where your fall, i.e. ‘inside or outside’, determines what taxes you’ll pay. Status determination is based on satisfying several conditions, specifically; Direction and Control, Right of Substitution and Mutuality of Obligation, and other factors including equipment, risk, payment, integration, exclusivity and business. How [...]