Finding the right contractor accountant for you

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Finding the right contractor accountant for you

As a Limited Company contractor you’re busy, and you don’t want to spend your free time dealing with a poor accountant. Chasing late filings, dealing with confusing communication or paying for a substandard service shouldn’t be something you’re having to put up with.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a new accountant or you’re just starting out and don’t really know what services you need, in this blog we list the top bad behaviours poor accountants are guilty of, and why if you recognise any it’s time to look elsewhere.

Communication is key

Being put on hold endlessly, passed around the office, receiving replies from unskilled or inexperienced team members, late replies….the list goes on. All of which you should never put up with, especially when you’re paying for the privilege.


What does your monthly accounting fee actually include? Does it cover all the services you require, will you have to pay extra for things that should be included as standard, or are you paying for services you don’t really need?

Having a direct line to your own personal accountant should be at the top of every contractor’s wish list, as having someone who knows your account, your personal and professional circumstances and needs without having to repeat yourself each time you get in touch is a must.

Have a think about the services you need, and if you’re not sure – ask! A good accountant will be able to advise you on what they believe you’ll need.


How many times have you tried a restaurant or service purely based on a review from your friend or colleague? The same can be said for accountants. Take a look at their online reviews or speak to other contractors to see what the general feeling is regarding an accountant’s services.

Personal service

A contractor’s annual HMRC and Company’s House returns are as standard, and every contractor needs them. But that’s not all that makes up a contractor! You’ll have your own specific requirements which need your accountant’s attention, and a good accountant will be on the ball, ready to offer tailored advice and support.

If you’re increasingly feeling like you’re being given a blanket level of service, it’s time to find an accountant that cares.


Is your accountant really an expert in looking after the needs of Limited Company contractors? They may claim to be and have a general understanding, but a specialist contractor accountant will be well rehearsed in the needs of a contractor, current legislation, how you’re affected, and what needs to be done throughout the year.

With the impending changes to IR35 early next year, it’s never been a more important time for contractors to ensure they’re with an accountant who can advise and support them through this period of change.

Both a doctor and a dentist work on a body, but you wouldn’t see a doctor about your teeth! The same can be said for accountants, find one that specialises in your field of expertise.

What SG Accounting can do for you

With over 15 year’s specialist experience in serving the contracting community, our clients enjoy a direct line to their director level accountant along with our all-inclusive service. When you join SG we will meet face-to-face with you, to ensure we fully understand your needs and expectations from your take home pay, both for the short and long term. Get in touch today to find out more.

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