Harnessing the power of client testimonials

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Harnessing the power of client testimonials

As well as having a killer CV and dazzling references another way to get work as a contractor is having client testimonials on your website or social profiles.   

A client testimonial is a mini case study which is provided by someone you’ve worked with and it discusses the benefits of your services. If you’ve never considered asking a client for a testimonial, here are some reasons why you should be:

  1. You can talk all day about how great you are, but having others say it for you adds credibility to your claims
  2. Testimonials can help diminish a client’s concerns about bringing in external support to work on a project
  3. Client testimonials are an important marketing tool in selling your services

If this doesn’t sell you on asking for client testimonials, this should: research published by BigCommerce shows that 92% of shoppers read online reviews and testimonials in the purchase decision stage. And, 72% stated that positive reviews make them trust a business more!

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How to structure a client testimonial

Client testimonials can take many different forms, the most commonly used ones are:

  • Quotes – a statement of your services is provided along with the name of the individual and business who provided the quote
  • Video – if your client isn’t camera shy, they may be willing to be filmed talking about the benefits of using your contracting services
  • Audio – gathering an audio copy of a client testimonial takes less work than a video testimonial – they can be created using a smartphone with a good microphone
  • Case studies – start with an overview of the business’s problems and go into detail on of your processes and finish off with a statement of the results you achieved

How to use client testimonials

Where some people go wrong is hiding their testimonials in places which are hard to find. Amazing client feedback is something you should not be embarrassed to show off so proudly display it on your website’s homepage or even think about creating a dedicated webpage for them.

As well as displaying them on your website, you can also use client testimonials on:

  • Social profiles; LinkedIn has a section called ‘Recommendations’ where you can ask connections you’ve worked with to leave feedback on the work you did for them. Facebook’s business page also provides customers with the option to leave a review
  • Promotional materials: if you produce a range of marketing materials such as leaflets, brochures or videos to promote your contracting business you can build testimonials into the content
  • Presentations: getting work directly with a client may involve you pitching for the business. If you’re tasked with making a presentation you can include a range of client testimonials into the pitch

Talking about client testimonials, you can read a selection of our glowing testimonials here. Alternatively, if you’re interested to hear how we can support you through your contracting career, send us a message via our website or speak to one of our Directors on 01962 867550.

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