Want 198% take home pay?

Take Home Pay CalculatorDon’t get fooled by these net take home pay claims!

We get asked a lot “What will my net take home pay be?”. We don’t believe that having a very basic take home pay calculator on our website is the right thing to do. If your accountant is simply asking you what your day rate is and maybe what expenses you incur then don’t be fooled by the high take home pay figures.

There are hundreds of different take home pay calculators out there and each accountant saying they can do a better take home pay % than the others. The truth is there is no magic dust that one accountant can sprinkle that will mean a better take home pay than the next. If you are quoted a take home pay that is genuine then any accountant can do the same amount!

The online take home pay calculators do not ask enough questions and make far too many assumptions to be accurate.

At SG Accounting what we do instead is to sit down with you and ask questions like:

  • How do you get to work?
  • Do you have children?
  • How much do you need to get out of the company each month?
  • Are you married?
  • What is your partner’s income?
  • Do you pay for childcare?
  • Is the flat rate VAT scheme appropriate?
  • Are you planning to pay into a company pension?
  • How much do you use your home as an office?
  • What more can we do to mitigate tax?

So, don’t get sucked in by enticing take home pay figures instead speak to an accountant who will look at your individual circumstances!

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