How can I carry out a credit check on my customers?

2020-05-27T10:33:16+01:00By |

Many people love the idea of running their own business but are concerned about the stability of self-employment. In theory, it should be simple; you do the work, you invoice your customer and they pay you. But there may be times when you come across a customer who says they aren’t in a position to [...]

What is a Director’s Loan Account?

2020-04-30T15:33:19+01:00By |

An area that contractor’s often ask about is Director’s Loans. Based on the questions we get, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to know, such as who can take a Director’s Loan, guidelines for taking a loan and tax implications connected to it. Never be confused by a Director’s Loan [...]

Can I use company money to pay my personal mortgage? 

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We get asked lots of questions by our contractors, and this is one that comes up time and time again.  Contractors who work outside of IR35, often ask us this because they may have sums of money held in their business bank account to cover future tax liabilities. While it’s sitting there, it is earning [...]